afterclap -- That last person/people who keep(s) clapping after everyone else has stopped.

normally parents, but it could be die-hard fans etc.
*Large chorus of clapping"

Mom: "Did you hear little Billy's singing?"
Aunt: "Yes his voice really stood out"

*Mother and Aunt only ones clapping still*

Bystander 1: "That afterclap is lame, their kid totally sucks, it was a choir of 200 kids!"

Bystander 2: "Yeah afterclap kills a show sometimes.."
by The Rope April 29, 2009
The last person who claps after everyone else has stopped
When I was at the show and the curtain went down an elderly man afterclapped
Afterclap happens while laying pipe on your girl (her on top/ you from behind) and her booty cheeks are smacking together like they are trying to fly away, you stop for a second and her cheeks continue to slap together.
So i was beating your moms cakes last night and we had to stop because your dad called to say he was coming home, but her booty was so damn juicy she had the afterclap and blew my load all up inside of her. The point of the story is your going to be an older brother soon. And your welcome.
by loki_of_cali March 26, 2011
Occurs when one person enjoys a show or presentation more than everyone else in the room. They then proceed to continue clapping moments after the rest of the audience has stopped.
Did you see Tim's mom? Tim can't even sing that well, but his mom was definitely good for an afterclap!
by IfIWerePresident August 28, 2009
medication for sores left by venereal infections
Wow, my joint is on fire. I'm going to lay on some Afterclap.
by Herbos, a prince August 27, 2009
A silly game in which individuals continue to give single claps after a large appluase. The aim is to get the last clap and not get caught (usually by a teacher).

Usually participants are bored kids in school
Headteacher* Thank you class 2C for that wonderful assembly.

Everyone* Applause*

Child1 Afterclap*

Child2 Afterclap*

Child1 Afterclap*
by Cheesypeanuts August 27, 2009
After you've contracted the STD, ghonnorhea, also knows as, "the clap", you take your antibacterial medication, and once your symptoms are gone, you become free of ghonnorhea! So it's what you do after you get the clap!
I can't wait to find out what I'll be doing afterclap today!
by BaronBinnnnnn March 14, 2017