13 definitions by Herbos, a prince

Top drawer pussy: a stunnng cunt.
Dude that is some world class pussy: a charter member of the clitterati.

elite feminine world class snatch
by Herbos, a prince May 30, 2010
What black guys drink when they want to forget.
Brother, I'm feeling low, I could use some jiggabooze.
alcohol, booze
by Herbos, a prince May 26, 2010
Totally fucked, beyond any hope of redemption. Fucked to the (mathematical power of Google).
Unsalvageable; beyond hope; untouchable.
My wife told me not to eat the leftovers, I forgot. I am Googlefucked.
by Herbos, a prince October 5, 2015
medication for sores left by venereal infections
Wow, my joint is on fire. I'm going to lay on some Afterclap.
by Herbos, a prince August 27, 2009
A turd so large that the first lady christens it with a bottle of champagne
That pumpkin in the restroom was so huge, she hit it with a bottle of Dom P and named it the Peanut Princess
by Herbos, a prince May 16, 2008
Fuck Me, Dude. An admission of doing something silly, unreasonable or thoughtless. A request for forgiveness.
FMD, that was a thoughtless remark about your sister's fat ass.
by Herbos, a prince June 19, 2008
Medical specialist who helps people get their heads out of their asses
Dipshit, you are a fool; you require a psychiatric proctologist to help you get your head out of your ass.
by Herbos, a prince June 8, 2021