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Leftover girls in a bar or club you are insured to get with at the end of the night.
Time to get an aflac them insurance bitches.
by Biggss April 19, 2016
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Some one that you like or love that you never tell how you feel but you still hang out with all the time. An some how they know how you feel but they still right in front of you start getting with some person.
Jane started rubbing that guys cock at the table last night it was a real heart fucker.
by Biggss October 17, 2009
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Any and all forms of pop music in which you disdain your own self for liking or find suitable. Upon hearing on the radio the first instinct is to hate it and find your self squirting yourself in the face with soap for humming it in the shower.
Examples include but are not limited to; Justin Bieber- Baby and Carly Rae Jepsen- Call me Maybe

Sentence: Why are you singing Party in the USA, that song is complete Hypnotrash!
by Biggss September 06, 2012
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