The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

Modified meaning: of or pertaining to being "cool" or "sweet"

"Oh, man, it's totally serendipitous."
by teah4 April 23, 2008
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An expression used by individuals to sound confident and smart when explaining why something is successful, but in reality they have no fucking clue. The individual often believes they are the only person to ever have used this word in a sentence, and will often wear a shit-eating grin upon saying it.
Twitter is so successful because it was built to leverage serendipitous social connections. :)
by serendipitous definer November 13, 2009
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another word for "cool" "awesome" or "amazing". used in Fineus (not sure how to spell it...) and Pherb.
hey that shirt is totally serendipitous.

megan, you're so serendipitous!
by hey kid sup May 14, 2009
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The accidental showing of a breast or nipple of a female non-celebrity to a single or group of males making the timing very fortunate indeed.
Let's go to the water park slide and catch some serendipitity.
by danodog August 5, 2008
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The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident, or a talent for making fortunate discoveries while searching for other things
Sorry i have no example of serendipitously
by miloable October 12, 2013
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When somebody casually snaps a photo with no intention or motivation of getting it to look perfect, but it turns out to be absolutely perfect in every way. From the lighting to the angle, it's all perfect by pure chance.
Friend A: *goes around with their DSLR and snaps hundreds of pics of the scenery*
Friend B: *not really interested in the scenery and only takes one pic from their smartphone*
Friend A: Hey check out the photos I took!

Friend B: Ooooo nice, they look so beautiful!
Friend A: What pictures did you take?
Friend B: Eh just one, wasn't really paying attention to the scenery tbh
Friend A: Oh, well wanna show them?
Friend B: Yeah sure
Friend A: ...WTH?!?? Dude your photo is SO much better looking than mines!
Friend B: Haha really? I mean, I literally just took one randomly, I didn't even preview it afterwards.
Friend A: Damn, that serendipitous snap tho!
by Obv troll is obvious January 18, 2021
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