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Adriann is a girl who brings light with her wherever she goes. She's sad and hurt but no one will ever know unless she shares her heart with you. She loves to party, what attracts her most is the dancing. She is complex yet so simple. She's amazing -one of a kind even, yet she chooses to fade in the crowd. She selectively chooses to be the center of attention. She could steal the spotlight in a second from anyone if she felt like it, but she rarely does. Attention is her middle name, if she lacks it she will activate her second face and kill anyone who dares step in front of her. Jealousy is her twin, they walk hand in hand along with lust as her best friend, and power as her mother. If you know an Adriann you might still have time to get on her good side. Otherwise youre side garbage on her show.
Adriann, you're so petty I hate it!
by RummyDoll98 March 04, 2018
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