A beautiful, terrific, amazing girl who has a great personality. She is funny and very caring. Her eyes are just OMG freakin gorgeous. She isn't the most outgoing person but once you get to know her, you will never want her out of your life. She isn't very tall but she isn't short. Her voice is like silk. Her smile takes my breath away and i wish she was mine. Even though she isn't mine she is a great friend and very easy to talk to.
best friend: "Aye who was that girl you were talking to?"
me: "Her name's Adanis. dude she is absolutely wonderful. I would introduce you but then you would have a crush on her."
by The dumb P-rican April 06, 2017
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A girl with a terrific singing voice. She can pick you up when your sad with just a smile. She is an old friend I wish I didn't push away. I pushed her too hard only because I liked her, which screwed things up. I only hope she could take it out of her heart to forgive me because I know she has a harm heart. She is super funny and is such a likeable person. Everyone I know, loves her. This girl is Hispanic and can throw some shade but she is jokey like that. Adanis is kind at times and sometimes I'm quite jealous of her. I can't get her out of my mind and I don't know why. I dream about her every night and I just don't know what to do. I miss being her best friends and I miss her being my best friend. If you ever meet an Adanis never let her go, just be patience with her and don't make the mistake I made.
Adanis: " Are you hispanic??"
Isa: " Yes I am I'm Puerto Rican, you?"
by The dumb P-rican June 30, 2017
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