Washington, DC neighborhood that turns into a French Quarter-type hellhole during the weekend. After three you can enjoy the sounds of police begging people to please go home and watch the drunk assholes stumble across the bridge to the metro. Girls will be crying on their cell phones, with at least one heel broken and guys will be reminiscing about the evening's shouting matches.
Oh my god mom, I'm coming home from Adams Morgan...Jason was so mean to me tonight! He called me a bitch. Also, I broke a heel. It took me an hour and a half to find a parking spot and now I can't find my car!
by arlingtonlifer September 12, 2007
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The neighborhood in DC where John Dabney keeps it real, where we freestyle on 18th with the McDonalds beat in the background and where people from other hoods come to eat our overrated Jumbo Slices. Where we represent east north and west africa listening to Reggae at Bukom after eating our chicken shoarma at Khartoum.
While walking down 18th you can see the washington monument proudly erect in the horizon, showing we can keep it up even in front of the whole city. You can play some ball or tennis, listen to live bands at madams organ ( yes, the 26th best bar in america. That allows them to be rude and ask entrance free ).
The Moishe house is where the jews throw parties, and on ontario and euclid GW law school students get their free beer.
Shots occasionaly ring on euclid so you be sure to pack some heat.

"Where you from?" "Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but I live in Adams Morgan"

"That's awesome. I wish I lived there but I am too cool for you so I prefer wasting money to live amongst 50 year old bisexual snobs at Dupont circle, its close to wholefoods"

"I am hot like satan, rhyming with some caucasians, representin on 18th"
by ralph ruben emmers May 14, 2007
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The art of Fucking a horse while it's still pulling a Amish buggy behind it.
I was driving through the country, when I saw a woman doing The Adam Morgan
by Laxking_rogers December 12, 2016
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Morgan Is not a snack, Shes the whole damn meal.
She is Ryland Adams little shister,
She has a Million+ Subscribers,

Also she went to couchella 2018

oh and she also has a chipotle tattoo

And remember, Shes the WHOLE. DAMN. MEAL.
Morgan Adams is the whole damn meal bitch
by SunnyLovesTheSquad May 03, 2018
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An icon, a ghost queen and the goddess of Chipotle itself. Sister of Ryland Adams and possible future surrogate of YouTuber Shane Dawson. She started vlogging on her YouTube channel in January 2018 and already has almost 700K subscribers as of March 2018.

Her Chipotle lip tat brings ALL the ghosts to the yard.
Person 1: Morgan Adams is my spirit animal!
Person 2: Right! She's iconic.
Person 3: Her live subscriber count has Jake Paul and Logan Paul shaking on the floor!
by Pop Stan March 04, 2018
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probably the only good actors in the whole g4 line up of shows.they have usually hilarious skits.they were on techtv till some retard bought the channel and fired every one.good thing they kept them cuz the other shows suck.sure theyre stupid but who cares they can fucking act.unlike those hot chicks who hosts filter or the one who hosts cheat.there acting is cheesy and not funny unlike xplay wich is funny
adam sessler and morgan webb are the only reason i watch g4
by kite822 June 04, 2005
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An iconic YouTuber, who despite only debuting her iconic Social Blade quake infesting YouTube career in January 2018, has already garnered almost 700k subscribers as of March 2018. Her dark green Social Blade has Jake Paul and Logan Paul on stretchers. She is also the sister of YouTuber Ryland Adams and has collabed with the icon himself Shane Dawson.
Person 1: Have you seen Morgan Adams' new video?
Person 2: Omg yes, who hasn't?!
Person 3: She's so iconic!
Person 2: Right! Her Social Blade is so green. Literally Logan and Jake Paul who??
by Pop Stan March 10, 2018
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