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a really good movie about a "borderline schitzophrenic" who see's a 6-foot demonic looking bunny rabbit named frank frank tells donnie the world will end and donnie is given a gift of super streghth,telekinesis,mind reading,and some other stuff.at the end he die in a jesus type of way in the tangent universe to save the real universe.great movie if you dont like it oh well there's other movies like pulp fiction and stuff
devoted fan:donnie darko is the best movie ever!
weirdo who hates donnie darko:no pulp fiction is the best
devoted fan:okay umm.. that came out awhile ago this is new so (slap)
by kite822 May 24, 2005
the best show that has ever been on nickelodeon(except invader zim)but was cancelled because of its gross humor or something it later was brought back by tnn but it wasnt the same it sucked.
ren and stimpy is the best show ever the ones on tnn suck though
by kite822 May 6, 2005
the worst and most scary thing ive seen ever! please listen to chicken and every one and dont look it up its down right wrong to exploite this on the internet i wish they took it off look at tub girl or gotse but not this but what was worse then exploiting it is sending an email and telling the person that it is funny wich is how i saw it. how sad that the human race has turned in this you people who post it should burn in hell.
i dont think that i need an example after all i said
by kite822 May 7, 2005
probably the only good actors in the whole g4 line up of shows.they have usually hilarious skits.they were on techtv till some retard bought the channel and fired every one.good thing they kept them cuz the other shows suck.sure theyre stupid but who cares they can fucking act.unlike those hot chicks who hosts filter or the one who hosts cheat.there acting is cheesy and not funny unlike xplay wich is funny
adam sessler and morgan webb are the only reason i watch g4
by kite822 June 4, 2005
i love invader zim it is the best show that ever appeared on nickelodeon and it will always be, kinda sucks that the ass holes at nickelodeon canceled it what idiots!! retards!!
nickelodeon sucks ass and should be killed and defaced in its grave on television after being defecated on for cancelling invader zim
by kite822 May 6, 2005