If you have searched this then speculations are correct, you are indeed, extremely attractive. Congratulations, you receive a coffee mug, an obnoxious letterman jacket and the hate of all ugly people!
Gertrude- "Why does my life suck so much?"
Jared- "Awww.... It's because you're an ugly person"
Gertrude- "That's not true!"
Jared- "Yes it is, look at me I am hot and i love life!"
by Jared is hot December 17, 2009
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am i hot:no
what a loser who searched this
by FBI is cool asf October 02, 2020
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this means that you should come over, for the lovin' will surely be hot and of much peasure to be had.
hey baby, stop that coolik and come on over i'm ready for hot lovin now not when youre done with the coolik!!
by wallis and futuna islands October 16, 2003
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