The ease and opportunity with which one can "Do" a potential partner. Commonly used in tandem with "Attractiveness" as its co-value to score a "Hottie" on a scale of 1 to 10.

*See Attractiveness/Accessibility Scale
"Ugh, her face and body are a 4 but I bet her accessibility is an 8, easy!"
by Bakkaratorz September 2, 2006
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A quality of a person who trusts everyone and is easy to meet and build a relationship with. Sometimes the person is accessible because of their stupidity.
"There is something about her that is just so accessible"
by Mr Fuji July 24, 2008
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Being at avail
If I want to spell accessable with two c's and two s's not to mention not I as well that's permissible, cause if microsoft access is right whois to argue and being able has never been being ible, cause that'd be downrioght feeble.
by Hercolena Oliver January 12, 2010
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This is when you reach a state in the universe so unimaginably dank and ironic that you gain access to a new ironic state of octahedron.
You may now access the octahedron.

The octahedron has become available in the shop. Would you like to buy?

That CARBON bASeD lifeform just managed to gain octahedron-access!
by Quantum_memes September 6, 2017
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1.) Corporate advertisers posing as journalists who try to pass off their reviews, commentary, and other content as unbiased reporting. So long as their coverage is positive, they are rewarded with access to things like press junket parties, film sets, celebrity interviews, and early access to things like theme park rides or video game releases.

2.) Synonym of shill.
"Hey, did you read that story on the rides at Galaxy's Edge on Collider? They totally loved Smugglers Run. I wanna go renew my Season Pass!"

"Collider? Those guys are access media. I'll wait for a review from someone who doesn't bend the knee to Emperor Mickey."
by David St.John Smythe June 5, 2019
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An absolutly evil database programme, which serves no purpose other than driving you clinically insane at a remarkably quick pace.

Never used in the workplace, so it's ppointless to be taught how to use it in GCSE or A-Level IT.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!! Why won't it recognise this goddamn formula like a normal person?!?"
by OD Smith March 29, 2005
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