Halfway crook. Rapper that looses to B Rabbit in 8 Mile.
Papa Doc got owned by B Rabbit at the shelter
by bizzy j21 July 11, 2008
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nickname for Francois Duvalier, dictator of Haiti.

euphemism for dynasty building; being in control or in charge, for long after people wanted you to be.

"running shit" for a long period of time.
The U.S. government was on the verge of some papa doc bullshit; with the presidency going from the Bush's to the Clinton's to the Bush's, and back to the Clinton's with Hilary.

Thank god for Obama
by Scip tha Kid July 23, 2008
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a word that some little mexican woman called me
yo wats up papa doc got sum cash so i can buy me sum crack
by the chillaxer (derek) July 15, 2004
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