Another word for complete and utter failure, or noob. An Abyssal is generally really bad at spelling and says things completely out of context to try to forward himself but in the end makes himself look like a tit.
Dude that guy is such an abyssal

Man that guy is acting like such an abyss
by iissuperawesome May 5, 2011
The most emo word ever. Abyss grew up as a charming young boy, used only to describe deep pits that you would rather not fall into. However, as time progressed, Abyss began to associate with more "hardcore" words. He also began wearing Tokio Hotel T-shirts and dying his hair black. This is presumed to be a result of his parents' troubled relationship when he was young. He is frequently seen with his friends "Deep", "Pitiful", "Sad", "Hopeless", "Despair", "Cut", "Blood", and "Dark". If you see Abyss, it is best to ignore him, as he loathes human attention and will likely only depress you.
The hole in my chest where my heart rested is now a dark abyss.

My soul is a deep abyss.

Life is an abysmal hole of pain.
by \\Iron// March 7, 2010
Hell, Hades, The Pit, Tartarus, etc.
Oh, thank have brought me from the abyss...
by Leiko October 6, 2004
Usually, defined as the emptiness or nothingness, similar to a void, but person-wise, a pretty awesome guy.
Person 1: How are you feeling?

Person 2: I'm feeling a bit depressed, like I'm stuck in the abyss.
by BillCipherism May 15, 2016
Can be added to the end of any sentence causing others around to question why the hell you said "abyss" at the end of the particular sentence.
Pooks McGhee: Hey bro did you gone down on her?

Pracks Patterson: Nah man, she wasn't shaven abyss...

Random: What the hibbity?
by Pracks Patterson June 11, 2011
More deeper than a normal abyss.
Tom's soul slunked down to the abyssive darkness of Hell itself.
by ToJo Mama January 11, 2010