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The most beautiful, amazing and perfect girl in the entire world.
Whoever marries Mirabel is the luckiest in the world.
by Adrian December 25, 2004
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A beautiful kind and artistic young lady. She is independent and strong which makes it hard to talk to her but you will never regret that you did. They usually have a huge imaginative brain and spend time creating things. Sometimes she can be a bit of a procrastinator but she will always get the work done.
Guy 1: Damn dude did you see that girl that walked by?
Guy 2: Yeah I bet her name is Mirabel because she is hot!
Guy 1: That explains it I'm going to go talk to her.
by Feiowvev July 19, 2017
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Not many people are lucky enough to be called Mirabel. The definition of a perfect woman, with a killer bod, face, and great hair. Has the gift of bringing and leaving joy wherever she goes. It's not a party unless Mirabel is there. All men get butterflies and weak knees at the sight of Mirabel, and all women are jealous of her. If you happen to date a Mirabel, never let her go. She is kind to all, and has a GREAT taste in music. Also has a very unique voice, which isn't like the polished ones, but that's what makes it perfect. Mirabel is an angel in the form of a human.
"Damn, Mirabel is so hot!"
"I wish I was Mirabel."
by aaaronisawesome December 17, 2017
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