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Creator of google images she created google images using the iconic green versace dress that donatella made
Did you know Jennifer Lopez Is the creator of google images so if you hate JLO stop using google image you crusty cunt.
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 March 14, 2021
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Iconic but not iconic as Princess Diana or Marilyn Monroe. Please don’t compare her to Diana we know Diana outshined her
Grace Kelly is iconic but Princess Diana outsold
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 August 2, 2021
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A british variant of Chris Evans, British version of captain america.
Same daddy but different font, Henry Cavill is just Chris Evans but British Version
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 March 21, 2021
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Princessdianasexual means when your attracted to princess diana, or your gender is princess diana

-Oh Good Lord And Savior Princess Diana, I Worship you and i come out as princessdianasexual. because of this is i will worship you Diana Frances Spencer
i am princessdianasexual , did you know that amber heard came out as princessdianasexual but shes doing it for clout to get away with the johnny depp situation.
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 March 21, 2021
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(Not to be confused with Cardiovascular Bronchitis) Athiesitis is a disease where a person’s brain malfunctions and goes into a stroke-like phase. Symptoms are
- Believing Nothing Comes From Nothing
- Sudden Anti-Christianity or Anti-Islamic Perspective

- Nerve Tics Which Causes A Person To Comment “god isn’t real”
- Thinking That Theorys Are Pure Logic And Truth
There Is Still No Cure For Atheisitis, But Treatment Is Available. Treatments Used To Prevent Atheisitis Are
- Putting Someone Into a Dangerous Situation, This Will Force The Disease To Leave And Accept
That God Is Real
- Knocking On A House Where The Owner Has Atheisitis, Will Cause Him To Believe That The Devil
Is Coming To Get Him

There’s Also A Rare Variant of The Atheisitis Disease, Called Omicron Radicus Atheius
Symptoms Include
- Having An Urge To Burn a Church Or A Mosque
- Being Urged To Comment On An Peaceful Muslim TikTok
- Having An Urge To Hatecrime Religious People
There’s Cure For This Variant Which Are:
- Throwing The Patient In The Middle of The Ka’aba So That He Would Realize That Allah Is The Greatest
- Parachuting The Patient Into Afghanistan

Overall This Disease Is Preventable, Just Don’t Be Stupid
Donatella Versace Got Atheisitis, Luckily She Recovered And is Now Okay!
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 December 2, 2021
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Some game that is a rip-off of adopt me, copied the following pets that Adopt Me has:
-Snow Owl
-Polar Bear
-Teddy Bear Brown Bear In Adopt Me
and many more.....
Overlook Bay is just a rip off of adopt me
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 April 2, 2021
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