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One of the worst charles and camilla apologists you will ever encounter in the face of earth

Patricia Bromley is:
*a militant athiest extremist
*a charles and camilla apologist extremist
*a figure in the anti-diana Quora subpage also known as the 'Deparment of Quora'
*An Al-Qaeda sympathiser, she is also a former member of the English Defence League or EDL
*Blatantly Islamophobic and a Militant Tory

basically, in short answer:
Patricia Bromley is a Charles and Camilla militant extremist who's a threat to Democracy, and should be avoided at all times.
Princess Diana fan: patricia bromley is an extremist and a terrorist sympathizer, avoid her at all costs.
Barbz, Swifties and Bardigangs: we will!
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 September 7, 2022
Actress who plays:
Max Mayfield in Stranger Things.
Ziggy Berman in Fear Street.
Her in Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well'.

She's also probably the reincarnation of Princess Diana, as her eyes are the same as diana's and her smile is the same as the younger princess diana's smile.

Friend of Queen Millie Bobby Brown.
Sadie Sink is joining the MCU! she will probably play a very good character there.
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 August 25, 2022
Actress who plays Max Mayfield in stranger things, Ziggy Berman in fear street and was in Taylor Swifts all too well.

Also the queen of rap and princess Diana in disguise
Sadie sink is princess Diana in disguise since Sadie’s smile is almost the same to younger princess Diana’s.
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 August 3, 2022
One of the airlines ran by Taylor Swift, british airways is fully owned by Taylor Allison Swifts and operates 178 flights daily.

And if you want club world (which is business class) you are required to watch all too well for about 25 times.
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 August 3, 2022
Princessdianasexual means when your attracted to princess diana, or your gender is princess diana

-Oh Good Lord And Savior Princess Diana, I Worship you and i come out as princessdianasexual. because of this is i will worship you Diana Frances Spencer
i am princessdianasexual , did you know that amber heard came out as princessdianasexual but shes doing it for clout to get away with the johnny depp situation.
by Princessdianaisqueen0010 March 21, 2021