Abolisher is the ownage master of life,especially in gears of war,so if you feel like getting pwned and taken to school on the nub school bus, then look him up on x-box live.
n00b:Oh man, abolisher just owned our whole team!
OurBigMac:Correction you were just abolished*, and im proud to know him
Abolisher: OWNED! you were just abolished!*
by h4xxor 1337 January 30, 2007
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To be utterly destroyed,massacred,headshotted from a major distance,exploded,have the abolish ritual done to you,get executed whilst ur on the ground,have your entire team taken out by one man, or other wise pwned greatly.

*also the only way for it to actually be classed as abolished, is that it has to be done by the abolisher, or else it is simply classed as pwned
n00b:Oh no! my whole team just got owned and the last guy got some ritual done to him while he was on the ground!
OurBigMac:Correction, your whole team was owned buy the abolisher and the last guy got the abolishing ritual done to him. so he got abolished.
by h4xxor 1337 January 30, 2007
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A thrash metal band originating from Ottawa, Ontario. Simply described as "fucking metal".
"Yo man, are you going to ARGYLE to watch Abolishment tear it up?"

by abolishment December 24, 2004
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A state of drunkenness of the highest upper echelon of inebriation. This pinnacle of intoxication can only be achieved by adhering to a rigorous training regimen. Alcohol of all types, and origins must be a normalcy in the daily drinking habits of one who is abolished.
That dude just puked up 38 ounces worth of sangria, 18 year old Irish whiskey, a rare chardonnay, a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, a jigger of warm sake, and pomegranate margarita. That dude is freakin' abolished.
by LeDanny Vegas August 17, 2006
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The stupidest fucking idea that has ever come out of someone’s mouth
person 1: how can we ensure that police brutality is limited to a minimum and law enforcement can maintain trust between themselves and the community?

person 2: spend more time and money training officers so that they are more confident in their abilities and don’t default to deadly force as often

person 1: Great idea :)


persons 1&2: Shut up retard.
by Am Very Smart June 09, 2020
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(verb); to take a giant shit when you're at someone's place, and get kicked out of their house because it is so disgusting
"Oh crap, I need to abolish slavery. BRB"

"Mark was telling us about how he abolished slavery in Jamie's bathroom last night. It was so gross, she kicked him out."
by MMjr April 21, 2008
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