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metal-archives (also known as Encyclopaedia Metallum: Metal Archives) is a user-edited website, established in 2002, which purports to be a heavy metal-focused database. Although the site has garnered a reputation over the years for being "elitist" and "strict" on what can/cannot be included, many bands listed there are actually folk, ambient, industrial, gothic rock and other "headbang worthy" music their site "rules" forbade, otherwise. When you couple this with the secretive personalities of those who moderate/administer everything over there, Metal Archives has the same credibility (and "metal-bility") as Milli Vanilli by the end of the day.
METALHEAD: Metal forums should not be run like a fascist regime! And some metalcore/nu-metal shit is making it beyond the radar here? Fuck it, I'm finding another site to frequent that is actually METAL, not "metal-archives".

HERR WITCHER: I dub thee Dursted, then!

METALHEAD: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

HERR WITCHER: When we ban people from our specialz metal site, it is called dursting, like Fred Durst.

METALHEAD: For a metal site, you have an awfully strange fixation with Fred Durst!
by SaturnsSon May 04, 2009
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A website that defines bands by naming their genre and other such information; thus immortalising this information and making it final.

People visit this site then think they become the TRU MASTAS OF METAL!!!111 because they can read that Pig Destroyer are Grindcore.
Internet guy 1: Dude Cannibal Corpse are pretty good.
Internet guy 2: lol no i dunt like gore metal.
Internet guy 1: CC is death metal.
Internet guy 2: ermm dont fink so metal-archives said it's death/gore metal so there not death metal idiot!
by Beeth January 17, 2006
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