A brand you can wear if you want to look like a walking billboard. Seriously. Every single thing sold in that store either says "abercrombie" on it, or has a moose.

I would understand why a person would have a few things from Abercrombie, but what I don't get is people who wear only abercrombie all the time. Every piece of clothing is really just a slight variation of the same basic design. So, for example, if you bought 5 different skirts from Abercrombie, you really just bought the same designed skirt 5 times.

Some of these people who wear only abercrombie somehow think that we non-abercrombie wearers are jealous because we can't afford it. I, in fact, can afford it, because I have a job. I simply choose not to go there, as I enjoy my individuality.
Abercrombie girl: Let’s go to Abercrombie!

Me: Eww…no.

Abercrombie girl: Pshh…you’re just jealous ‘cause you can’t afford it

Me: No, I just don’t like the store.

Abercrombie girl: EVERYONE likes Abercrombie. It’s like wired into the human brain!

Me: 0__o
by Purple Zebra June 02, 2007
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A store that needs to start offering gas masks and ear plugs as soon as you walk in the door.
employee- welcome to abercrombie , here's your gas mask and ear plugs!
costumer- thank god!
by xSamxYeahx December 17, 2010
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A clothing store that it is super en vogue to make fun of. The best way to feign non-conformity is to say you hate abercrombie, but still go in the store to see what's cool, and then make fun of the clothes and the people that work there. You make fun of the ripped jeans, but in the end you sneak in to buy some, because you secretly like them. It's so trendy to hate abercrombie that it is breeding a new kind of "alternative conformity".
All of the tools who made fun of Abercrombie on this website should be congratulated on being trendy enough to jump on the anti-abercrombie band wagon.
by Caitlin January 15, 2005
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A trendy clothing store with fashionable clothes. Many don't realise how high quality the clothes really are, even if they have holes. Pricy, yet worth the money.
Girl 1: Ooh, look at this sweater from abercrombie!
Girl 2: I like it, maybe I'll get it in another color.
by Moosy/Jessica July 28, 2005
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Its a store in a mall. If you like their clothes great. If you dont then dont buy them. Sure some people dont like destroyed jeans, but hey maybe they dont like the way you dress. It's not preppy its just clothes for those who like them. Next time you call something preppy you might wanna learn what "preppy" really means, or what a "prep" really is. And to make fun of them just because theyre expensive is just gay itself. Its not the clothes that make the man.
Hey wanna go to abercrombie?
No man i dont like their clothes that much.
Oh thats cool
by hilton baseball player 92 March 11, 2006
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The GAP of the 2000s. Niche-marketed apparel store that appeals to teens/young 20s buyers through a well-executed marketing campaign that is more about lifestyle than the apparel. The clothes themselves are of decent quality. The style isn't for everyone. Many people, not just emo teens, dislike the line for its reliance on obvious logos and the faux-vintage aesthetic. Prices are similar to more established lines such as Lauren Ralph Lauren or Ann Taylor / Ann Taylor Loft for women, Polo, and Calvin Klein, DKNY, etc. Abercrombie differentiates itself by going for the youth demographic. Although attractive for casual wear, if the wearer ascribes to the brand aesthetic, the clothes really don't work in professional settings so most buyers leave them behind in favor of the "Grown-up" brands by their mid-20s. As with any designer label, dressing head to toe in the same brand speaks of a trendwhore mindset.
"I don't pass over guys just for wearing Abercrombie. It just makes it easier to sort out the ones who haven't grown up -- they have a moose on every shirt."

"Can a girl in AT skirts and kitten heels find happiness with an Abercrombie boy? Probably not unless he's willing to move beyond his college days."

"I can't date an Abercrombie boy. I refuse to date a guy whose jeans cost more than mine."
by prepstergirl April 23, 2006
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a clothing store. how simple is that? it's a bit pricy, but the stuff is good quailitly. there's no need to diss it because it's just clothes. everyone says a jacket it 400 dollars. cough cough. the most is about 200 and that when it's a parka with faux fur. if you wear it, great, be happy. if you don't, don't diss it. it's not your problem. people wearing gap don't get dissed, so why should people wearing abercrombie get dissed? of course, there are people who wear abercrombie just because it says it. then there are people who wear for the style, like me:)
scene 1:
Girl 1- i hate this shirt!!! i'm getting it anyway.
Girl 2- why??? that's so...not logical
Girl 1- because it says abercrombie!!

scene 2:
Girl 1- that's an awesome shirt. where did you get it?
Girl 2- abercrombie.
Girl 1- cool, but green isn't my color, maybe i'll get it in blue.
by Night Hawk January 31, 2007
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