Delightful,genourous, happy person. Everyone needs an Abdulla in their life
You are such a abdulla
by Shaneepesha May 21, 2017
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Abdulla is the type of boy who'd hide in the bathroom and skip pe . he's really sweet and he has a big butt and he's the guy that every girl would have a secret crush on him. His best friends name is Aya and they both are very fucking close. He has a small group of friends. He really doesn't care about others but himslef. Abdulla's favorite fast food restaurant is Mcdonalds upsize meal with orange juice. He really is funny his sense of humor is the best i love him so much. He has 3 kids too, thats a bonus ladies. Although abdulla can be bitch but deep down but he's really the best
person1: Oh My God! look at abdulla he's got cake

person2: yaaaa!!! its big juicy cake
by dabbingayoya65lovers January 9, 2020
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A very sexy individual that attracts flocks of women by the sound of his magnificent voice. He has an enormous dick that doesn’t allow him to take part in daily routines (ex: Gym, school, prayers, and sex) this is due to his dick being huge. He is a sexy person that is dominant in every activity. His abs are said to allow ovaries to explode due to their magnificence. It is said that during the time the human race was endangered it was due to Abdulla opening his eyes causing a drastic decline in birth rates due to the explosion of ovaries. His dick is said to have been the reason behind the great flood, or as a fellow Abdullaian calls it, the great cumming, which killed millions. It is also said that when Abdulla gets an erection his dick hits the moon and further pushes it away, as well as everytime abdulla has sex and climaxes his galaxies are created.
His wife died due to his huge dick, his name must be Abdulla.

The porn industries are looking for an Abdulla for a female pornstar to be dominanted by his enormous and extravagant dick.

During the Third day Abdulla’s Dick created the Universe.

It is said that the big bang theory was a female who’s ovary exploded just by thinking about Abdulla.
by I_love_Abdullas_dick April 16, 2019
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Often an aragont son of a bitch, but a 100 on a 1-10 scale of being awesome, well known for deception and playing on people's mind for his own entertainment and pleasure.

Knows everything and nothing can be hidden away from him, his birds are scattered all over the place and nothing can go against him if he doesn't like it.

Money, check
Girls, check
Brains, check
Looks, check
oh my god, he's such an Abdulla... Love him
by LiamHemsworth November 24, 2012
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abdulla and ayah are superheros who fight islamphobes like farah they dont like her shes an islamphobe and they are currently putting her in a blender, they plan or making a smoothie
abdulla and ayah are the best duo superheros ever!!! ew farah (bleugh)
by abdullaswap November 16, 2020
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