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An AI generated as a character foil, somehow the exact opposite of every other person on the Discord Channel.
Man, who is that alexathegreat? she's like no one else on here.
by summerfreeze May 12, 2020
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Foquan: That guy over there eating the hamburger's a real abdomenal snowman.
Mike: heheheh that's hilarious. Hope he doesn't have a heart attack while we're here.
by summerfreeze December 14, 2014
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the sum total of all torrents on the internet.
i.e. the domain of pirates
chet: Did you see the new episode of Harry Potter Goes Wild?
Scarlett: yeah, it was uploaded into the torrentosphere last night
Chet: Torrentosphere?
Scarlett: yeah, like the blogosphere, only for torrents.
by summerfreeze August 06, 2014
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Flappy Battle

1. A competition of the phone game Flappy Bird between two friends.
2. sex
Marco: Where'd Harry and Jane go?
Reginald: Oh, they're off having a Flappy Battle back at the hotel
Marco: They're fucking?
Reginald: No, they're actually playing Flappy Bird. Obsessively. Actually it's kind of worrying me.
by summerfreeze June 29, 2014
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