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the most beautiful girl in the world. smart, amazing, and loyal finding an aadhya is rare never let go of them it will be the biggest regret in your entire life
Tom: Hey do you know aadhya?
Jim: No, why is she nice?
Tom: She is awesome
by quantitative March 14, 2017
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The dopest chick you ever come across, who loves gaming, reading books and is an extremely talented artist. You'll always be waiting for this girl to come in your life, and if she does never let her go.
Thomas: You see that hot piece of ass right there?
Mark: She's nice but she ain't no Aadhya.
by tittiesucker99 July 29, 2018
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An enormous girl elephant like that is actually an elephant hiding in a girls body pimples flat Boobies ugly ass ugly face an ugly elephant
Yooooo that’s not a girl that’s an aadhya
by Poisonpoison June 15, 2019
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