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a dick-man is a person who is very full of themselves, a person who has a very sarcastic tone who also makes smerky comments when he feels that the situation does not suit him in favor. This person feels that he is smart and thinks that he is too busy to hang out or pick up his phone. A Dick-man tends to never pick up when you call him nor does he attempt to look at his phone when he knows it is ringing. In addition a dick-man will never call you back because he is either playing golf, watching the golf channel or sports center. A dick-man tends to be very boring with an old man personality. When a dick-man is watching TV he also tends to slouch on the couch and has a scary look on his face. There is also a saying about a dick-man: when a dick-man cant see what a dick-man cant be, a dick-man cant see what a dick-man cant be. In other words a dick-man cannot accept what he cannot be. SO as a result he reverts to asshole actions like pretending he is tired, or has to get up early, making smerky comments, never picking up, saying he is busy and of course playing golf. A DICK-MAN's full potential comes out when he is drunk, when this happens he goes to the extreme and acts like such an asshole but doesn't realize it. When in a group situation and when a dick-man says a dick-man comment people should yell DICK-MAN DICK-MAN DICK-MAN DICK-MAN and point directly to his ear, until he knows that his action was not right. A Dick-man is usually really insecure.
Ashtin: Hey man do you know why carson isn't picking up his phone?

Jones: No dude i haven't talked to him in a while

Ashtin: Why does he do this?

Jones: i dont know man.... he's probably playing golf or mark kicked his ass again

Ashtin: Or maybe just acting like a giant cenday-munga hahaha EEEEE-yeaaaaa

Jones: Dude he's just being a DICK-MAN!

Ashtin: He really is such a dick-man
by CARsinnnnnnnnn June 20, 2012
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