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A person you can depend on. Usually have dirty blonde to brunette hair. They are extremely gorgeous. The may have a checkered past but they try to out it behind them. Ashtins can be extremely nice but don't mess with them, they'll fight they need to. Never let an Ashtin go. You WILL regret it.
*girl* Man, Ashtin is such a great friend!
*Guy* yeah. I shouldn't have broken up with her...
by Trustworthyperson1 April 20, 2017
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One of the most gorgeous girls you will ever see. They is super nice, but if you cross the line she will bite. They are pretty and smart, and usually has an amazing ass and nice boobs. They are a bit sexual, but also loves romantic guys. They love to party and are always happy. Usually brunette, have big eyes and have a nice tan skin tone to them. They hate it when you call them ashley.
Dayuumm, look at that girl over there." "Yeah that's Ashtin."
by Musicislifedood October 18, 2010
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a chick name

1) NOT spelled like ashton kutcher.
2) and its NOT the same as ashley.
idiot: hey what's your name?
ashtin: ashtin..
ashtin: f*** off.

idiot: hey whats your name?
ashtin: ashtin...!
idiot: oh hi ashley
ashtin: *walks away*
by guessssswhooo June 26, 2008
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Fast, smart, strong, he’s the whole package. Ashtin is a great friend, and if you’re lucky enough, a great boyfriend. He’s serious, but funny when he wants, and won’t abandon his friends. He makes time for ALL!
Josh: Hey Ashtin, you wanna hang out?
Ashtin: Sorry not today. I’m hanging with Trevor.
Josh: Oh ok.
(The next day)
Ashtin: Wanna hang out today?
Josh: Yeah!
by MobbossKing June 16, 2018
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