Someone who however many times you tell them to shut up or leave you alone, never does!
by Richard123 March 19, 2006
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term parents use when they want to call a misbeaving child
by Ina Z January 19, 2010
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A precocious child who has reached the age at which s/he can anticipate his/her parent's actions, and who takes preventative measures.
"The little shits hid their Halloween candy, so my raid was unsucessful"
by Max T. Linguist November 1, 2011
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A child between the ages of 3 and 17 that's annoying & obnoxious to adult's
Peyton : Ohh! Boobies Ohh La La!
Kiersten : Keep your hand's off me you Little Shit!
Chad : Ohh! Boobies Ohh La La!
Kiersten : Damn't Chad will you and your Little Shit leave my breast's alone!
Steve : Ohh! Boobies!

Kiersten : Don't even think about it jackass!
Kiersten : Uhh! I wish guy's would stop grabbing my breast's!
Kaylee : Well maybe if you wore a shirt that actually fit you they would not be tempted.
Kiersten : Shut the fuck up Kaylee!
by SlopNChop January 31, 2018
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a small blonde biddie from the Hamptons who never shuts up.
Rachel is bugging me to smoke again, what a little shit!
by LT Shanteezy May 3, 2011
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