Allan continued to spam message boards, not expecting there to be RW consequences.
by RandyGiles March 2, 2015
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acronym for right wing i.e., republican/conservative.
LEO GOEBBELS, III: oh grandfather, please do tell me - who is your favorite fallen hero of years past?
LEOPOLD GOEBBELS, Sr: benjamin ryan tillman is the reason i made my fortunes.he inspired me to benefit off others' oppression instead of working for equality among men.
LEO GOEBBELS, III: but grandfather! ben tillman wasn't RW!
LEOPOLD GOEBBELS, Sr: by today's standards he would be classified as an extreme politician on far-right. A real man!
by idtst January 2, 2019
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Runner's World. A magazine read by hydration belt wearing, gel pack eating, headlight wearing, and reflective strip wearing enthusiasts. The magazine and website is geared towards the wanna-be sub-5 hour marathoners and overweight, 50 year old moms. A complete disgrace and joke among the competitive running community.
Real Runner 1: "Dude, look at that 250 pound woman slogging her way to a 6 hour marathon."
Real Runner 2: "She must read Runner's World." (RW)
by BexRunner March 19, 2008
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A rewipe.
The act of rewiping your butt after taking a sloppy crap.
I had to RW because I got swamp ass.
by Butch Eeks January 27, 2008
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Rw - Remeber When....
Usually used on a social media site to recall an event or events
Rw we use to go camping...
by PinkUnicornThroughTickleForest January 27, 2013
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RWS, Running With Scissors, game company most known for their games Postal and Postal 2.
RWS game Postal is banned in alot of countries!
by Niklasson May 16, 2010
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Rich While Stupid
Kim and Kris divorced after 72 days? What a couple of RWS!
by pomegranate2000 October 31, 2011
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