Femboy is a term like tomboy used for people who are born to be masculine but presents feminine traits.
The person in particular can be of any sexuality or gender But most commonly is assigned male at birth.
This term is not to be mistaken with a cross dresser (someone who dresses in feminine clothes as a fun activity) or a sissy ( a person who dresses in feminine clothes for sexual pleasure).

A femboy dresses in feminine clothes and masculine clothes because it’s clothing they like to wear with no real reason except to feel good and be themselves.

A Femboy is not a ladyboy or a prostitute or a sex object.
Tim isn’t a sissy or a cross dresser! He’s a femboy, it’s just his personality.

Crystal is a femboy, they like are bisexual but that doesn’t mean they are a sissy whore.

You do realize a femboy can be transgendered. They don’t have to be cis or lgbtq.
by Bad54 May 15, 2020
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Men and Boys who dress like women. They are a really great group of people that, unfortunately get discriminated against all the time. They are funny, social, creative, and like fashion and style.
"A huge portion of my friends are Femboys, and I am proud of that."
by femboysmatter September 14, 2020
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Femboy is a bitchass robo hoe who have no parents and swing sword all day like a little girl.
Armstrong: Hey Raiden have you checked the internet lately?
Raiden: NO. Gimme a sec.
Armstrong: Raiden, google the definition of femboy on urban dictionary.
by Sudden_ February 20, 2022
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A male, typically under the age of 30, who presents feminine mannerism and often dresses in clothing that is designated for females. This is not to be confused with a sissy, nor a cross dresser. Most femboys are androgynous, and can easily pass for male or female. Femboys are most often found on the Internet, as this form of cross dressing is found as a taboo by society. The term femboy can be used to describe young gay men or weak boys, often as a derogatory term. Femboys can be of any sexuality, gender identity, or background.

Most femboys have naturally smaller, curvy bodes, others have a muscular tone, giving them a more androgynous look. Often times, femboys can be found within furry art, or in furry communities, and even anime and manga.

The difference between cross dressers and femboys is, a femboy is often younger, and more flamboyant, where as a crossdresser is 18-30 and usually more experienced and passable.
John: "Hey man will you help me pick out some new high heels?"
Sally: "Wait, are you a cross dresser?"
John: "Nah, I'm a {femboy}, there's a difference."
by Bottom Twink June 12, 2016
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A Femboy is a man or a boy (usually below 40) that dress, and live in the traditional lifestyle of a Woman. They are not necessarily trans, cross-dressers, or sissies, but men and boys who simply choose to live that lifestyle. On the social side, they are happy, friendly, funny, and talented at music and art.
John: My friend Robert is a Femboy. He is so fun and creative and I wish more people would love him.
by femboysmatter September 14, 2020
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A person who is biologically male, but who presents in a feminine way, for example by wearing feminine clothing, feminine hairstyles and/or make-up.

A femboy is similar to a crossdresser, in that they both present in a feminine way. But to a crossdresser this is seen as a special activity, which he only takes part in in certain situations, while a femboy presents this way as part of his personal style and presents this way in daily life.

The term 'femboy' refers only to an esthetic and not to a gender identity. Most femboys still identify as male, though others identify as genderqueer or even as female. Due to the word 'boy' in the name, it is usually only used for young people, typically under the age of 30.
I've started wearing nail polish. I really like this femboy look.

I saw Flynn wear a dress yesterday. Does he identify as a woman now? - No, he's just a femboy.
by birthofalotus July 29, 2020
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People who are ComedyCzech
ComedyCzech is a femboy
by M-a-s-o-n July 28, 2021
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