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Singing out loud while listening to music with your headphones on. Whereas the singer gets the benefit of the music, those unfortunate to be standing nearby are subjected to an unaccompanied (and invariably crappy) rendition of the song.
"I wish that guy would turn his iPod off - his a crapella version of Bohemian Rhapsody is killing me"
by Harvey W August 02, 2007
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When someone is singing without any music in the background, but it sounds so terrible.
Guy #1: Have you heard her singing voice?
Guy #2: Yeah, foget acapella, that's what I call acrapella!
by HappyGirl1993 October 22, 2010
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1. (n) a painful or otherwise uncomfortable bowel movement resulting in audible vocalization of lament or relief. 2. (v) to audibly vocalize lament or relief while performing a bowel movement.
"Wow bro, feel better? That was impressive but you got no shot at 'The Voice' with that a crapella solo..."
by cyclopath July 28, 2015
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1. when a person has the music on his/her player and the volume is at the maximum and that person is "singing" along to it LOUDLY and sounds absolutely horrible.

2. when a vocal group sings a capella and totlly sounds like shit.
1. my roomate Billy was outside our apartment on the steps during the evening. He was listening to a Heart album at max volume. As if that weren't enough he SANG along loudly to the loud music and it was so gawdawful bad the dogs down the block were all howling. I was inside watching cable TV and I had to turn it up. I still could hear his a crapella keening. YAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

2. Billy was listening to Tschovsky's "1812 Overture" in the next room at - you guessed it - max volume. No lyrics here ment no a crapella this time around. Alright!

3. A relative of mine wanted to see Billy Graham at the stadium and asked me to go with him. I said OK. We went on a Wednesday night. I wished we could've gone the next evening but he didn't have the time off. So instead of seeing Johnny and June Carter Cash as the musical guests we had stomach this wimpymilquetoast a crapella group called 4HIM. Too pedestrian, too "adult contemporary", too "clean", just plain nauseating. Yeeeccchhh.

4. Huey Lewis and the News sometimes do do-wop and all 3 times I've seen them live they've done an a capella number or two. Take 6 is a good harmony group also. No a crapella here.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice July 22, 2010
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when someone really sucks at singing all the time but especially without music
-wow.. i really wish sydney s. would stop singing
-totally. her Acrapella is insulting
by ioklsadf May 05, 2013
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