A very powerful Chinese dynasty that ruled China between 960–1279 AD. They were known for their navy forces.
They CAME... They SAW...They SUNG
by Randumb Guy May 14, 2009
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if your bored and finding a word to define this one is taken it its a version of the term for prison "sing sing"
i was in sung sung but the man let me out
by tallfb74 May 10, 2006
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When someone who has not done the work takes credit for said work.
Man I completed the project and he got all the credit. I so just got sunged.
by Hyruu February 24, 2010
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A South Florida variation of the word "son." Similar to the hispanic influence of the pronunciation of the word "man" as "meng."
by Quezilla October 10, 2007
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"Sung-Joon" is a slang term for someone who purposefully irritates others whilst acting oblivious to his/her actions.
Person X posts a photoshopped picture of Y to irritate him/her

Y: "why did you do that?!"
X: "ha...what are you talking about?"
Y:"You know what I mean!...your such a Sung-Joon"

Another example:

Person X falsely claims to have beaten up person Y in a sad attempt to gain clout from his/her peers.

Y: "Why are you telling people that you beat me up?"
X: (Giggling)"because I did"
Y: "What are you on about? Your such an SJ!"
by O-Poggers August 8, 2020
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