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A large cut or scar across the face, usually caused by a blade or razor, which needs (or needed) 150 stitches (hence "a buck fifty).
Hey wanted his I gave him a buck fifty...right across the face...
by 7mile Massacre March 22, 2006
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If you are a UD Editor, it's how much I paid your Mom to blow me!
ME: Is your son a UD editor?

UD Editor's Mom: Why yes, he is.

ME: Here's a buck fifty, get on it!

UD Editor's Mom: Slurping sound herd
by Rosslyn Maleman December 06, 2009
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A long thin cut, usually made by a razor, which extends from the cheekbone near the hairline, diagonally downward and ends at the corner of the mouth. The name is derived from the amount of stitches used to close the wound, and this type of cut is often a form of gang initiation.
The scar on the man's face looks like a buck fifty.
by Rachel28 February 27, 2006
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A quick way to say you weigh 150 pounds.
"He's a real small guy - probably weighs around a buck fifty"
by uncqt4u August 13, 2005
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1. A quick way of saying $150.
2. A large cut across the face, stretching from one ear to the next. Also called a "Hospital Run".
1. Yo, I bought some kicks the other day for a buck fifty.
2. That nigga got a buck fifty right across his face.
by Cherish October 07, 2005
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n. A particularly gruesome cut across one's face that results in the need for 150 stitches.
by M-money February 27, 2004
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a large slash done with a razor on the face. Derived from the price of a slice of pizza at the time $1.50 a buck fifty. Also rumored to also derived from the price of NYC token fair because many victims where slashed in train stations.
Yo dun, I caught a jux last night and money tried to fight back so I pulled out an ox and gave him a buck fifty.
by Manny G. October 01, 2005
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