Is the most cutest sweetest boys, if you get to know him. Shy but is brave sometimes, only lets out his feeling to the ones he trust. Kind of sensitive but mostly tough. Stays loyal to his girls. Will make you smile on your bad days if u are his friend. Smart, has good grades but doesnt really like school unless he reallt wants to come.
Hey you know that guy mayson, hes attractive if you get to know him.
by Hdjshw June 5, 2019
A definite life liver. She makes the most of everything she does and looks good doing it. Not only is this girl stunning, she has a personality to match. When people meet her they remember her forever because she is like no one they have ever met before. People have a hard time not starring at her because she is such a gem.

She knows how to handle situations right and is someone you want as a sister. Most girls don't like her because they are incredibly jeleous of her perfectness. However, boys love this girl because she really is one in a million.
The Mayson entered the room
Girl: "Wow, who does that bitch think she is?"
Boy: "Pinch me. My future wife has entered the room."
by Jack Sertome January 10, 2011
A Mayson is a guy that is so sexually hot, he is known to be a chick magnet. However this means he is a player with the best looks ever known, and shows Mayson's likes girls a lot.
Is that a Mayson

Girl: yes hes really hot
Boy: damn i wish i could be a Mayson
by Mace665 May 9, 2011
The best girl you've ever met. She's sweet caring and most of all a goddess. If you are lucky enough to date her you are in for a treat she will Love and cherish you and even if you screw up she will be there for you. She can forgive very easily and will always have a heart for you. If you break her heart you are a cold hearted soul, she is straight up breathtaking and stunning. Always love her because she is totally worth it.
Boy: Who is that?
Girl: Mayson she's beautiful and amazing.
by LuckyPookyTheMan February 27, 2019
Like the best streamer ever lets be honest
Cornelious: "Bro i love watching Mayson and i use his code"
by GeordieADS May 29, 2019
1. Down syndrome
2. AIDs
3. A crunk ass nigga
4. Benny Urine
5. Rabies
The kid stepped on a dead squirrel and it squished under his shoe, and now he is all mayson.
by crashdown December 17, 2003
Mayson is the most caring boy ever. He will always have you back and will not let anyone hurt you. He is really loyal to his girls and will love them with all his heart. He’s never liked school and gets in trouble but he is determined to fulfil his dream. He always tells his girl how beautiful she is and reminders he how much she is loved.
Person 1: Is he a Mayson? He’s so loyal!

Person 2: He sure is, his girl looks so happy with him!
by hannahmae November 10, 2019