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When a thread on a Message Board get pulled off track by a jackass for his own pleasure. Usually the process begins when someone on a board asks a simple question only to have the Zuks tell a story about how he did this or that (mostly Bullshit that has nothing to do with the original post). Everyone piles on the Zuker and he plays victim.
The original post never gets answered and nothing is accomplished.
Original Post: How much do brakes cost to have done at the dealership?

Zuker: Be careful, one time I marked my oil filter and after asking for an oil change at the dealer my filter was still on my car.

OP: Thanks Jackass you Zuked my thread, anyone else know how much brakes cost to replace on a Jetta at the dealer?
by bt3101 November 14, 2011
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It is when Mark Zuckerberg nukes your account for violating the terms of service.
Your account gets marked for deletion, you get a punishment, etc.
"i just used a nazi symbol in one of my posts, later that day, my account got Zuked"
"I just called someone a fa***t in a comment, my account got Zuked."
by Dr. Politico September 04, 2017
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act of which a person leaves a hickey on another persons neck
Sam zuked Mike.
Mike ws zuked by Sam.
That girl zuked him.
by Harry Forst August 05, 2007
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