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An intelligent and creative young girl, often mistaken to be crazy on account of her individuality.
Boy 1: "Look, there's Zuha."
Boy 2: "She wrote a wonderful essay on deep sea diving in English class the other day."
by ZoeMalyk November 03, 2014
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An amazing person

Word means morning light as in Zuha can brighten up anyone

A tough girls hides her thoughts shy but very crazy once you get to know her
Oh look it’s Zuha
by Zuha November 07, 2018
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An Indian name meaning "Morning Light".
Nicknames include: Zu, Zuhahaha, Zulloft, Zuberrie, and Zoinkz.
Any girl named this will play tennis, viola, be undeniably asion, brag about being a minority, make stupid blond remarks, and also talk in a high pitched voice.
She's amazing! She's wonderful! She's Zuha!
Zuha, you're so azn && you play viola!
by BangChikBang! January 22, 2007
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Makes genuinely funny memes. He's an awesome guy. When he has a goal, nothing can get in his way. Can knock out anyone in two punches, but he would never hurt those that matter to him.
It's ya boi Zuha in da house!!!
Is that Zuha? No wonder he has so many friends around him.
by blaze228 February 24, 2019
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