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An intelligent and creative young girl, often mistaken to be crazy on account of her individuality.
Boy 1: "Look, there's Zuha."
Boy 2: "She wrote a wonderful essay on deep sea diving in English class the other day."
by ZoeMalyk November 03, 2014
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An Indian name meaning "Morning Light".
Nicknames include: Zu, Zuhahaha, Zulloft, Zuberrie, and Zoinkz.
Any girl named this will play tennis, viola, be undeniably asion, brag about being a minority, make stupid blond remarks, and also talk in a high pitched voice.
She's amazing! She's wonderful! She's Zuha!
Zuha, you're so azn && you play viola!
by BangChikBang! January 22, 2007
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An amazing person

Word means morning light as in Zuha can brighten up anyone

A tough girls hides her thoughts shy but very crazy once you get to know her
Oh look it’s Zuha
by Zuha November 07, 2018
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