To steal an idea from someone but change it just enough that you can claim it as yours.
Dude, he totally just Zuckerberged me.
by Revocity October 24, 2010
When the fascists at Facebook restrict your account for 3 days because you posted a hilariously tasteless meme, you just got Zuckerberged!
I posted a really funny Piper Perri Surrounded meme on Facebook today and those lousy, 1st Amendment-infringing fascists Zuckerberged me!
by Crazy8888s November 6, 2020
To completely write another person out of the equation. Can be used in both a business sense and in a sexual manner.
"I totally zuckerberged him on the Lawson account."

"We were having sex and, before I knew it, I'd zuckerberged her and was finishing myself off.
by this.zucks October 25, 2011
One who steals a close friend's idea, and takes full credit for the brilliant idea.
Friend 1: Dude did you hear?
Friend 2: No dude, what's up?
Friend 1: Well, Paul zuckerberged me?
Friend 2: Damn dude, that's fucked up.
by Capt. Clam October 17, 2010
When you have a meme page with a lot of followers and you post appropriate content, but your account gets deleted for no reason.
Guy 1: "So how is your meme page going, man?"
Guy 2:: "About that, I tried to log on to it last night, turns out I was Zuckerberged."
Guy 1: "Oh shit, I'm sorry about that."
by Kyle Turner December 29, 2016
The act of stealing, using and blatantly denying use of intellectual property of another being who is often times less witty.
Todd: Shit I'm gonna define zuckerberging on urban dictionary.

Stan: Damnit that was my idea asshole.
by TheGlueGunner February 16, 2012
Starting a company as a partnership, but then eliminating the partner when the company grows large enough to achieve full power.
Summer: You're Zuckerberging me?!
The Devil: I was Zuckerberging people before Zuckerberg's balls dropped, I'm the devil biatch!
by MrBrillsbury July 7, 2017