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A magnificent Canadian bastard that makes funny gaming videos on YouTube. Part of the Yogscast; sometimes known as The Real Guy, The Best Guy.
'Hey, did you see Sips' latest video?'
'Yep, funny as ever! The big bastard strikes again!'

'Who's the best member of the Yogscast?'
'Duh, it's obviously the big bastard himself, Sir Sips'
by k9unitassault January 4, 2014
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Sips s-i-ps Is the word to describe something that is extremely cool or awsome. Something may also be refered to as un-sips which is the opposite. Created by two genius'.
"That is well sips mate."

"i went to the toilet and there was bog roll on the floor how un-sips"
by Sash'n'chris November 6, 2006
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A code word you you use for alcohol when you don't want the proctor telling on you; the cold ones you crack open with the underage freshmen.
Ben: Hey man, you want to get some sips tonight?

Sean: Yo, shaddap man. The Proctor is right over there.

Ben: Hey chill nibba. I said sips.

Later that night..

Declan(under age freshman): Bro, I'm really feeling this ALCOHOL!
by McQuackle May 14, 2019
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Another term for sizzurp, purple drank, etc., (a combination of promethazine with codeine cough syrup, sprite, and jolly ranchers)
"We understand that typically sometime this codeine syrup is mixed with a beverage, like Sprite, and they call it sip-sip, Myles told WALA-TV in Mobile."

(Actual quote from an article about JaMarcus Russell's arrest)
by dmartco July 7, 2010
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An affectionate nickname for the great state of Mississippi.
I'm going down to The 'Sip to eat some catfish and rock out the IP.
by Tina Martin April 6, 2005
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What someone asks for just before chugging half of your drink.
Steve: Hey can I have a sip of your Gatorade?

Doug: Sure


Doug: Dude, what the hell!
by Andersonb47 February 11, 2010
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process of drinking carbonated grape juice and liquid codeine mixed usaully while smoking marajuana. Popular in the South, especially Houston, TX.
Sipping and Leaning.
Sipping on that sizzurp.
I was sipping and leaning so much last night I feel over, finally.
by David Koresh June 2, 2005
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