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Someone that is always right. On the occasion he is wrong, people rub it in. They do this because they're pissed off at the sheer multitude of things he is right about.
Hello friend! You appear to be in a conundrum. You should find a Zotter to straighten' yo' shit.
by d shiznit January 11, 2014
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zotter (pronounced with a distinct buzz on the 'z' and by rolling the 'r')

1. Using the back of your hand and fingers to hit another male in the groin. This is done by swinging one's arm then flicking the wrist when you reach your victim's groin. Once you have hit your victim it is customary to exclaim "ZOTTEEEEEER!!!!!" while watching him write on the floor. It can also be done between friends to show that they trust one another. One friend carries out a normal zotter but then stops just short of his friend's groin to show that - although he could have hit him - he chose not to. A zotter can also be executed using a two-inch spanner, although this is considered drastic and should be used with caution. (The two-inch spanner is also fondly referred to as 'Number Fifty".)

2. An exclamation of emotion - can express joy, anger, sadness, surprise or any other emotion. The tone of voice is changed in accordance to the emotion being expressed.

3. Zotterkop - An idiot, lame person, weirdo, irritating guy, anybody with whom someone is displeased or is angry at.

4. Rascist word for a black person. (Not widely used, but because some people see his word as rascist one should be careful when saying it.)

5. ZP - Zotterpolisie - A group of elite individuals who are extremely skilled in the art of zottering and use it to enforce law, good manners and justice. Secret and exclusive.

6. Zotter-zonk - The ultimate form of punishment. You zotter the guy from the front, then jamb your other hand up his anus.
1. "Dude that zotter that you gave Christo right after i zottered him was SICK"

"Dude i could have zottered you, but i didn't, 'cos you're my china."

"Dude did you hear about the ZP official who zottered the criminal with a number 50..."

2."Hey dude, i got us some chocolate"

*Dude busts his foot on a brick* "ZOTTTTEEEEERRRRR!!!!"

3. "Hey bru, look, i can light my farts!!!"
"Dude, you're such a zotterkop..."

4. "Flippit, look at that blerrie zotter driving that taxi..."

5. Dude- "Hey man, you're such a loser. I'm cool because i smoke and grope chicks and swear. Oh yeah, i just rock..."
ZP- *with a two-inch spanner* "ZOTTEEEEER!!!!!!!"
Dude- "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Dude i can feel my balls in my chest... AAAAHHHHHH!!!"
ZP- "Not so cool now are we... ZP!"

by ZP official August 10, 2007
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It is a remote control. A close friend of mine used to call the remote control (also known as a clicker) a Zotter. My wife thinks I'm crazy because she's never heard that before. I think We're all wrong.
Hand me the Zotter so I can change channels and see Magnum P.I.
by Joshua Partanious December 13, 2014
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