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A website. Only around 1% of the use of this website is the use it was meant to have.
The other 99% is shreksual stuff and personal stuff.

So let me show you some real-life searches i did.
me - *looks up Moustache*
"When you jizz below someones nose and rip off your pubic hairs so it sticks"
me - *looks up House*
"Theres one thats white and Donald Trump shouldnt have it"
me - *looks up Otter*
"Your Wetter than an Otters pocket."
me - *looks up Rock*
"the best make-out music ever my dude"

So thats what urban dictionary is.
by scarful23 December 10, 2020

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As of late.
Hey dude can you get some tylenol? ive been having headaches azalate.
by scarful23 December 08, 2020

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it will have not

For instance
Loser 1: "Omg you guys are building legos? lemme join"
Loser 2: "Look at how tall aidens lego is"
Loser 1: "Yea it'll've'n't stay there, it'll just fall lol"
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by scarful23 November 23, 2020

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"Hi.. class... did you see i put a bird in my house? I-I-I---..."
"What happened to Ms. Crabtree?"
"...-times 8 equals?"
"Ms Crabtree i think you forgot to share your screen."
"Argh the plug ins won't work all these gadgets now a days."
"And thats why we should still be ruling the worl---l-l..."
"So Ms. Crabtree why didn't we get a homework assignment?-"
"Young MAN!! why didnt you show me the homework assignment you will be getting an F minus minus for this."
"But Ms--"
--The zoom class ended.-
"zoom class is like prison"
"yea prison that disconnects every 4 seconds lol"
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by scarful23 November 17, 2020

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