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Sexual act where the female gets her salad tossed while using her Lelo clitoral vibrator, resulting in a crescendo of orgasms that leave her in a seizure like post coital state of bliss. Typically followed by a beer and a cig to celebrate what the fuck just happened.
Guy: Sugar, what can I do to you tonight that will blow your mind in bed?
Girl: Well Romeo, have you ever heard of a Zonkie? (As she waves her Lelo in his face and pushes his head towards her ass)
by CABG69 September 16, 2018
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A very disturbing noun.
A Zonkie is the dried pieces of shit stuck to your ass hair. Yes, I feel like puking too...
This term is usually offensive, as it is givin to some one you don't like.
Friend #1: Dude look, there's that Zonkie
Friend #2: Yes, what an asshole!
by IR Baboon September 16, 2010
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