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Short of Arizonian, these people invade local beach towns in California during the summer causing traffic jams, and straight up annoying the population of the local town.
Person #1: Damn zonies fukn invade San Diego every summer!
Person #2: Fuck i know! They need to get their own damn town
by Gian B. September 19, 2007
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An Arizonian who comes to the West Coast beach cities every year and generally irritates all locals. Easily recognized by their rash guards, smashball games, and general disregard for beach etiquette.
Local 1: Dude, how was the beach?
Local 2: the shred was good, but the whole damn beach was infested with Zonies!
by Get Your Own Beach! August 13, 2008
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Annoying old tourists from arizona who don't know how to drive, and always seem to be looking up.
Wouldn't it be nice to shoot every zonie outside of arizona?
by pockets1213 October 17, 2006
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A resident of Arizona who's life is hopping from one air conditioned area to another.
All the zonies say they can handle the heat but most of them can't.
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004
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People born and raised in Arizona or that have lived their most of their life. They know how to have fun, as they get on average 306 days of sun! And when they feel nice enough, they can conveniently drive to California, Vegas, or Mexico, to bless the people there with their presence..... ;)
They also can legitimately use being a "zonie" as an excuse for when it is too cold.
(2 friends in San Diego )
Cali person- "Want to go lay on the beach? It's hella nice out"
Arizona person- "What... are you crazy?"
Cali person- "why do you say that?"
Arizona person- " It's only 60, too freakin' cold... I'm a zonie!"

by AZ123phx1 November 19, 2010
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To receive or perform the act of fellatio while the mouth of the performing party is full of some sort of saucy Italian dish. The dish in question may be - but is certainly not limited to - the act's namesake: the calzone.
Bro: "Hey, I heard that your date went well last night."
Dude: "Ya bro, she went straight from dinner to giving me a zonie."
by teh zonie'd February 27, 2011
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