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A common name in and around Europe. Individuals named Zollie are often charasmatic and charming. Beware of the following: Zollie qualities may be used to the Zollie's advantage; Zollie's are growing gradually in numbers; the name has spread beyond European boarders.
My girlfriend is dating Zollie. Damn that kid is awesome.
by Ralph98644587 March 30, 2008
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A name adapted from a Civil war general Zollicoffer. Also has jewish backgrounds as the name Zollie itself. Usually a boy's name, but sometimes a girl's. Pronounced like Mollie with a Z.
Zollicoffer was a blind general in the American Civil War known for riding into an enemy camp on accident and being shot, but my great grand dad liked the name so much, he named his daughter Zollie.
by TripleZed December 09, 2009
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Skateboarding trick to describe jumping between platforms of different heights, or between platforms that have a sizable gap between them
The skateboarder zollied from the bench of one picnic table to the table top of different one.
by thejoint April 24, 2011
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