A stupid meme of Vinesauce playing a Mario bootleg game called 7 Grand Dad. People found it funny when he screamed, "GRAND DAD", so people remixed it for some reason. The original video was actually posted 2 years before it became a meme but I'm just guessing that more people watched the video when it became a meme.
Person 1: Hey, what are you eating?
Person 2: Fruity Pebbles from the flinstones.
Person 1: GRAND DAD
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by Stupid Definitions January 07, 2017
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Loading only small amount (or snapper) of weed into your cannibas pipe at a time in order to stetch out the smoke time. Used mostly when low on herb and prevents anyone from toasting all in one go
Do you mind if we granddad this bud? We're pretty low.
by TreesBreezePlease January 31, 2018
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