This nickname Zo means that they are very kind, cute, a tiktok we but not athletic. This person is very loyal but they can very mischievous at times. All and all this person will always stand by you and always have a great comeback.
“Did you see the person at the park? She insulted her friend and never Apologized!”

“They are definitely a Zo
by A normal Goral June 1, 2020
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Zo help us much when he go hard to da hoop.
by gregin' (Greg Dahlen) November 25, 2018
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suffix for use with alot of words
by deexm July 11, 2003
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another name for a black man, same as negro, spook, or nigger
"look at all those zo's at the chicken coop"
by a- slap July 23, 2008
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The word to awaken the wrath of Zoe
Pat:Hey Zozo!!
ROAR!!! U SHALL FEEL THE WRATH OF ZOE!!! *Special effects: Thunder, the world quakes and all hell breaks loose*
by Anonymous March 5, 2003
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a person that runs infront of a bus gets hit and does more damage to the bus then the bus did to them
zoe totaly smashed the new mercedez double decker bus
by zoe November 12, 2004
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