A verrrrr sexy girl, mostly everyone who looks at her just gets in love. Also very cute, her smile makes u laugh. Most zita’s are loved by everyone they meet (except for thots fuck them anyway). They are also very smart, funny, mostly hilarious, kind. Everyone just wants a kid as a zita. Just a synonym for perfection. If u dont meet a zita ur definitely missing out.
*A Zita walks on the street*
Everyone: “omg that must be a zita because im already in love with her”
by JustATypicalGirl October 21, 2019
A beautiful female with a unique name. Zitas are usually very talented and beautiful. Creative, fun to be around, and have a good since of humor. Zitas are also usually very hot and great in bed as well as amazing kissers. A zita is athletic,smart and a great person. Overall, Zitas are considered to be simply perfect.
Wow! Zita is perfect!
by habala habala habala April 17, 2013
A kind thoughtful caring person very down to earth and loves to party

One who will always support you and be there when you need someone to talk to
Very creative, especially in fashion style

Loving and playful

Connects with people and goes with the flow
You are very lucky if you meet a Zita.

Means: The Seeker
Origin: Spanish
"Whats your name?"
by triplet3 February 5, 2010
Short. Very short.
"Wheres zita?"
"Idk she's too short"
by Dadsinme November 11, 2020
A person friendly, nice looking lady , good height and an odd body stature

A zita is also a horny bastard, obsessed with penis and sex.
That girl across the road is such a zita
by Trinity👻👻 February 5, 2020
If you have a Zita in your life , you have the best life . Zita is a very independent person who does not seek satisfaction from other. She is happy doing her own thing. Even though she might bot always show it but she values and loves het close friends and family alot . She is the best listener and has all the patients in the world. Zita is the best
Look at her sass , she must be a Zita
by Azrielli November 21, 2021
A girl who is very hot, but gets with a lot of guys. She likes to give base 3's. She's the girl who will go out with your best mate. What a slet, right?
She will get her first kiss in the same year she loses her virginity.
Zita is so happy.
by zitaHG October 8, 2018