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The epitome of the word snake. Lies uncontrollably, says he was gonna go work out on Friday and ends up not going! Always cancels meetups. Doesn't wanna go to Yosemite with us. 🐍
That literatus over there is such a Zhong. Das war so eine Zhong bewegung. C'est un Zhong mouvement.
by WarmBagel October 05, 2019
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1. A guy who sleeps a lot and is unreliable.
2. Someone who is very hyper.
3. A term for someone who gets his sandwich stolen by seagulls.
4. Slang for derp.
1. Let's play a game Zhong! ..Zhong?
2. YES WOHOOO GOGOGO DAMMN BOII! - Dude, stop being such a Zhong.
3. Hahaha that seagull stole his sandwich! What a Zhong!
4. Just zhonging around.
by EoN D June 18, 2013
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(noun.) A type of plant which grows in the remote region of Inner Mongolia. Commonly known for its toxic attributes, it is a plant which is deadly whenever found.
Zhong plants were used by Genghis Khan when fighting the last of the Song Dynasty warriors.
by thegreatestofemall April 05, 2003
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