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9 definitions by woolf

Dwayne the Wok Johnson (also known short as The Wok)
Is the arch-enemy of Zhong Xina

for as long ago,

The Wok is leading the social credit leaderboards for more than a hundred years now
but then suddenly from the darkness... The legendary Zhong Xina with his bing chilling has been summoned!
They had fought for ages for the first place of the social credit leaderboards
but alas... the fight has ended and Zhong Xina has won!!!
but all was lost for the Wok who is still holding a grudge since the fight.
The Wok is planning for revenge for Zhong Xina

to be continued...
by woolf December 14, 2021
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deja poo
I've been in this shit before
(Higher on the loo)
And I know its my time to poo
Calling you, and the search is a mystery
(Sitting on my feet)
It's so hard when I try to be mee
by woolf January 7, 2022
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Roblox is a video ga-, I meant a video "experience" for all ages
It is made to practice capitalism and have fun :D

I will just explain how roblox's most popular experiences
Adopt me
- It is a game about cracking and kicking eggs
Do you remember when it used to be only as a roleplaying game with babies? NO THAT DIDNT EVEN EXIST IT WAS WIPED OUT OF EVERYONES MIND
Anyways, this game also helps you get your dream job if your dream job is to be an addicted gambler gambling at the casinos

ROYALE HIGH (my fav game now time to roast it)

- It WAS a roleplaying experience about fairies and mermaids

It WAS peaceful back then

It WAS a happy life back then

but now..

Discrimination against poor and rich

Drama happening sometime in awhile


Callmehbob pls fix halo values ;w; my fren cant get a halo and is now begging me to give her one ;w;

We only care about halos and who is rich now :'>

- It helps improve hand-eye coordination, muscle coordination, coordination coordination, anything coordination
so its basically good :>
just watch out of toxic peeps and hackers

heres a good comment about this game made by someone else

anyways next game,

PIGGY (granny but pig and PIG LORE :O)
- It promotes swine fever (got lazy lol)

anyways here is the words you probably will hear there often,
Free robux pwease i need it my sister died of cancer 唐唐

*kills again*
*dodges again* (Top 10 most intense anime battles)

:O Ur rich im not, can you pwease gib me robux

HAHAHA you poor you hab no robux >:D

UvU UwU UnU Fuck U

*Roblox just added voice chat*
*intense swearing and bat screeching*


GG everyone :D
by woolf November 16, 2021
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A corporation that sued Ruben Sim for exposing their worker for following a nsfw furry account
Roblox Corporation: you have forfeited your life privileges, ruben sim C:<
by woolf January 1, 2022
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Royale high is a game about fairies and mermaids - that is probably you when you first saw this game, that's the 2018-2019 Royale high, and that Royale High is dead. Welcome to the new royale high where the community got worse (I'm included in that community so no hate), here are some people screaming for the devs to have the new new school to be released now in order to obtain world peace in Royale High, and here are 2 sides screaming at each other (halo owners and non-halo owners) they are screaming about the halo values :>, and ofc here are the noob leveled online daters which need an alcohol spray in the eye, and here's me crying for the roleplayers to come back no matter how cringey they are, in order to keep Royale high vibes alive
To Cringey Roleplayers,
Jakes and mochis, pls come back I fucking miss you

A fan of Royale High but not a fan of the halo values even though I'm a mother of 7 halos
by woolf November 16, 2021
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(also short for PSX or Adopt Me but worse)

is your local Child-Friendly Casino Game where Children are taught to gamble and lose their life savings and be addicted to casinos while they're young
*Pet Simulator X cutely defeats Adopt Me's "micro" transactions*
by woolf January 1, 2022
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Ohio State University!
Probably not the infamous rhythm game that makes you easily get the carpal tunnel and other wrist and hand problems
Fren: Hey, wanna play osu?
Me: uhhh... sorry! I'll pass, I can't play in osu rn, I'm having a test in osu!
by woolf December 14, 2021
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