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A walking sex goddess, which lures men into her bed with her pheromones, charm, and smile.
If you survive the night, she will bring you breakfast in a bikini with red lipstick, with eyes that are too big for her face.

She presents herself in your dreams as your fantasy, where you wake up with a boner.

Xuan is the definition of addiction. Where suddenly you are unable to think about anything else, because she embodies everything you want in your fantasy women.

She has the tendency to suffer from bitchy resting face.
Damn, that bitches be crazy, Xuan got me hooked.
by SexyPride February 12, 2014
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β€œThat show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop.”
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hi xuxu it is me just dropping in to say howdy hiddly hoody! Xuan is a girl who is a gamer! she likes games like cake wars and roblox. She is fantastic and really good at roblox fashion show xd
girl: omg this girl is destroying me at cake wars :(
by Stephen’s no1 fan January 21, 2019
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Xuan is an arrogant ass bastard. Even though he possesses the beauty of a 16 year old, he is not legal. He often confuses older men and women with his sexual hormones. He is of average height and likes to go for beers very often. He heavily enjoys drinking at bars and will always greet you with a sparkly smile in his favorite pink spandex. His sausage fingers can move faster inside your drink than you on steroids. His large booty attracts the eyes of many furries as he waddles in his sex-E spandex. You can never have Xuan once
Male: Damn, look at that hottie over there! She's a real Xuan.
Female: No that's a male!
Xuan: I am not bound by gender.
by sexy scholar March 08, 2019
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