A ninja based character in the borderlands 2 game used as the assassin class known for dealing large amounts of critical hit damage especially when using a sniper rifle. Often speaks in haiku. His Special ability is called D3c3pti0n, which sends out a hologram to confuse enemies.
How hilarious. / You just set off my trap card -- / Your death approaches. ~Zer0

Sorry, did that hurt? / That "sorry" was sarcasm. / I am not sorry. ~Zer0

1 critical shot with deception has earned me an over 3 million damamge shot using Zer0's sniper skill tree
by tehfurrydj January 24, 2013
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A bigger number than you (:
borderlands : zer0 a bigger number than you
by kreig the meat bycicle November 11, 2019
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Some kid who cries about Twitter’s engagement rate and choosing to only play Fortnite on iOS
"Oh hey are you Zer0?"
Zer0: Yeah, bring back Fortnite mobile #fuckepic
by Zer0Hater October 7, 2020
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The act of not having the brains to think of a name. Therefor making a name out of a number, typically used by prostitutes and weird people.
he didnt know what else to use so he made a Zer0
by nolmel November 27, 2011
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A guy who committed a certifiable, crazy, demented, distracted, flippo, insane, lunatic, mad, manic-depressive, mental, nuts, psycho, psychopathic, schizo, schizzed out, sick, sickie, unbalanced...possibily even deranged act just for a few laughs
Mike peeled his preys face off in a zer00 sort of way.
by Kennedy April 5, 2005
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Hands down the biggest group of active PvM'ers around RuneScape. They don't skill because skilling is for other clans.
They take on the biggest bosses in runescape with just momentum. Abilities are for noobs.
Woaaah see that Zer0 pvm member over there? Some day im going to be as good as him!!
Wow look at those combat stats he doesnt have any non combat stats leveled what a beast!
by ~Fehul June 17, 2013
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A G0y is a homosexual man who does not practice anal sex. G0ys consider anal sex indecent whether it be between man and woman or man and man.
Ancient Greeks were mostly G0ys since anal sex was prohibited (and illegal) but all other displays of affection between men were considered normal. Temple prostitutes were labelled perverts because they engaged in anal sex. Thus, a G0Y (Spelled with a ZER0), will engage in all forms of spiritual and physical intimacy with other men except anal sex.
by Peter Blakefield July 17, 2006
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