Yet another way of saying someones attractive but highest level. Its a bit like leng or peng but even better!
'ah gemma is so zeng'
'trust me jayvyn but you are too, you could easily pull her'
'heard shes got a man though'
'im not suprised'

insta - @gemlapper
by longestshlong October 29, 2019
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The physical embodiment of awesomeness and stuffs.
This is Zeng is kwoality.
by LilDabbie September 27, 2017
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Zenging (Verb) -Bullshitting
Zengery (Noun) -Bullshit
Zenger (Noun) -Bullshitter

A school-yard term that became quite popular because of its funny pronunciation.

1) To completely bullshit.

2) To make something up and state it as truth to people.

3) A clearly visible lie in which the liar thinks everyone believes him/her.

4) An obvious false truth.
''Did you hear that kids uncle is the head of the triads??''
''No man, hes zenging you''
''He told me himself''
''What a zenger!''


''That guys dad own the Canadian Pacific Railway, hes really rich!''
''No he doesnt, hes just zenging with you''


''That guy makes 90k a year even though hes in high school, isnt that unbelievable?''
''Thats a lie! Thats total zengery''
by kalimali November 17, 2010
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The crease between the lower gluteus and the upper thigh
My zeng is on fire!
by NoRoJoker March 25, 2011
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love, amazing, sexy, rad, awesome...etc, and commonly reffered and used to godly, majestic, all-knowing entities.

In the bible, St John Baptist de La Salle, 22:5-14:
Zeng is thy nameth for love, in which Jesus used to describe Gods love for us and all.

Not only is it LOVE, it's also everything and anything good in this world.
"Gods Zeng is everywhere. You just need to believe."
"dayummm, that shit is zeng!"
by itsastfu February 13, 2009
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Person 1: Hey, have you heard from Alison Zeng?
Person 2: Yeah, she's an almighty queen!
by Admirando December 25, 2021
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The most gayest dude around. He likes to moan in peoples ears.
Guy 1: Yo dude, are you friends with that Stephen Zeng kid?
Guy 2: Yeah, why?
Guy 1: I would not talk to him if I were you because he moaned in my ear like 30 times yesterday..
Guy 2: Dude.. wtf??
by Jordan Ched October 23, 2020
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