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Zenging (Verb) -Bullshitting
Zengery (Noun) -Bullshit
Zenger (Noun) -Bullshitter

A school-yard term that became quite popular because of its funny pronunciation.

1) To completely bullshit.

2) To make something up and state it as truth to people.

3) A clearly visible lie in which the liar thinks everyone believes him/her.

4) An obvious false truth.
''Did you hear that kids uncle is the head of the triads??''
''No man, hes zenging you''
''He told me himself''
''What a zenger!''


''That guys dad own the Canadian Pacific Railway, hes really rich!''
''No he doesnt, hes just zenging with you''


''That guy makes 90k a year even though hes in high school, isnt that unbelievable?''
''Thats a lie! Thats total zengery''
by kalimali November 17, 2010

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