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Zella is an amazing girl that everybody wants to be around. She is always super nice to every single person and is extremely caring. She sometimes doubts herself and her beauty and amazingness but she is always there for you. She never does anything that would make other people feel bad and she always has a smile on her face. Nobody cam live without her as she's absolutely perfect. Just an amazing person an fun to be around.
Zella: Hey guys!
Guy 1: OMG its Zella!
Guy 2: Ok ok act cool.

Tristan: OMG I'm so sad that Zella hates me.
Brendan: Well I understand that because she's just amazing. I couldn't live with myself if she was mad at me.
by Lil Trix March 20, 2013
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A totally sexy babe. Guys want to be with her, girls want to be her. She knows she's gorgeous, and flaunts it.
Boyfriend: damn that was one fine zella walkin by
Girlfriend: but you like me better, right?
Boyfriend: can't say that I do {chases the zella}
by BobMarley January 12, 2005
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Zella’s are some of the most intelligent people you will encounter. Zella’s always have their head stuck in a book, and enjoy learning new things. They hate change and often are discomforted about evolving situations. Zella’s don’t want to grow up. They would rather stay a little kid forever. They take everything to heart, and are loyal.
I am trying to get Zella’s attention, but her head is always stuck in a book.
by Zonkey June 18, 2018
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To be out on a night out with lads and have a weak drink such as Carling zest (2.8%) but as the staff to put it in a Stella glass to give the impression your are not a gay drinker. Zella
"Pint of zella please barman" wink wink.
by birdwell terra July 08, 2012
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Zella is a ship name for Zach and Bella, although most people find it cute and all it isn’t true love. The two lovers who’s names are being shipped isn’t actually in love they are only pretending to be in love for the life of the party.
Omg are you Zellaing for everyone?!
by Truth speaks here June 16, 2018
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