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Gender: Female Origin: Polish Meaning: loved by God

also the name of the most beautiful girl i have ever met. :D
Ex. 1 wow, i love Tesia.
ex. 2 <guy> what should we name our daughter?
<polish wife> tesia
by djhajkneijdoidkn August 16, 2006
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1. Loved by God, but not loved by everyone because of jealousy. Often misunderstood because she has no time to prove herself to anyone.

2. Many people make rumors about her, but if you knew her she would be the best friend you ever had. If you did something wrong to her, she wouldn't care and live as if you didn't exist.

3. She does have a button and when pushed, don't underestimate her. She always has the facts and will go straight to the problem without hesitation.

4. Boys go for her no matter what they already have, but she has high standards. She makes boys into men, giving them inspiration to be better.

5. The weak hate her because of her strength.
1. "What would Tesia do?"

2. Girl 1: "I hate Tesia because she took my boyfriend"

Girl 2: "Tesia works at hospitals and homeless shelters, I'm sure your boyfriend just left"

3. "If you have a problem with Tesia call her, if you don't have her number then you don't know her well enough to talk about her"

4. "He loves his girlfriend more because Tesia taught him how to love"

5.Girl 1: "Why doesn't she fight back?"
Girl 2: "Because she's too tesia for that."
by alwayslovedher1 March 15, 2013
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Mary: “Let’s invite Tesia over”
Drew and Savannah in unison: “No. She’s a dumb ass bitch
by Holo Bitch May 29, 2019
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1. adj: very odd and weird; peculiar. usually something that either has no brain cells or very few.

2. noun: a name sometimes given by parents when they run out of options to name their child.
ex. 1;
<student a> : what is 1+1?
<student b> : umm.. 3?
<student a> :'re so tesia.

ex. 2;
<student a> : what is your name?
<student b> : tesia *smiles*
<student a> : i see, your parents must have ran out of names to name you!
by ilovetesia December 14, 2006
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