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A New Zealand Mud Slide is the act of defecating on a prostitute's chest and then proceeding to sit it in and sliding down her chest so your feces smear over her chest like the mud on a set of mountains.
"Yo! Did you hear Kevin gave the Jefferson Street hooker a New Zealand Mud Slide?"
"Dude! No way! That's awesome! Did he take pics?"
by ChaoTato May 5, 2020
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ejaculate; cum; jizz

Can be added to the food of someone you dislike. Note that this act is probably illegal.
"I just finished a handjob and topped off my dickhead roommate's dinner with some new zealand zest.
by Marcanus Aurelius October 18, 2015
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a state in Netherlands
Guy 1: If there is a New Zealand, where is old zealand
Guy 2: its in the Netherlands
by A really big weirdo July 24, 2022
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She is one lovable person. She’s super tough, but has a motherly side and can be so kind. Will not take shit from anyone. Loves her friends so much. Waits for the perfect boy, hates all immature ones. Loyal, caring and lovable! I love Zealand’s!
Person 1: Is that Zealand bearing up that guy?
Person 2: yes she is defending all women
by may ;) February 27, 2021
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a handsome boy with a big heart ,he will always be by your side no matter what
oh look theres zealand labrant
hes such a sweetheart
by skyissogreat February 16, 2021
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